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    31 May 2023

    HRnV-Calc: A Software for Heart Rate n-Variability and Heart Rate Variability Analysis

    Journal: The Journal of Open Source Software

    Authors: Niu C, Guo D, Ong MEH, Koh ZX, Guerry ALM, Ho AFW, Lin Z, Liu C, Clifford G, Liu N

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    15 January 2023

    Adding heart rate n-variability (HRnV) to clinical assessment potentially improves prediction of serious bacterial infections in young febrile infants at the emergency department: a prospective observational study

    Journal: Annals of Translational Medicine

    Authors: Chong S, Niu C, Piragasam R, Koh ZX, Guo D, Lee JH, Ong GY, Ong MEH, Liu N

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    February 2018

    Integrating Heart Rate Variability, Vital Signs, Electrocardiogram, and Troponin to Triage Chest Pain Patients in the ED

    Journal: American Journal of Emergency Medicine

    Authors: Sakamoto JT, Liu N, Koh ZX, Guo D, Heldeweg MLA, Ng JCJ, Ong MEH

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    6 March 2017

    Ensemble-Based Risk Scoring with Extreme Learning Machine for Prediction of Adverse Cardiac Events

    Journal: Cognitive Computation

    Authors: Liu N, Sakamoto JT, Cao J, Koh ZX, Ho AFW, Lin Z, Ong MEH

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