The aiTriage™ platform

Redefine the standard of care for chest pain triage with aiTriage™

aiTriage™, the world's first AI-powered platform for chest pain triage, transforms the way healthcare professionals manage and prioritize chest pain patients.


    It's unique advantage

    aiTriage™ merges speed, accuracy and ease of use into a device-agnostic chest pain triage solution, suitable for deployment in EDs and primary care. The AI-powered software predicts the patient's risk of 3 & 30-day Major Adverse Cardiac Events (MACE) within minutes non-invasively, and easily integrates into existing workflows.

    aiTriage™ system components

    Illustration of aiTriage™ portable ECG device

    ECG device

    A handheld, portable device that transmits a real-time 12-Lead ECG for chest pain triage.

    Illustration of the aiTriage™ mobile application

    aiTriage™ mobile application

    Allows healthcare professionals to record and process important patient data in real-time.

    Illustration of the aiTriage™ backend AI analytics

    aiTriage™ AI Analytics

    Advanced algorithms analyze real-time data, providing detailed diagnostic reports and predict the patient's risk of MACE.

    How aiTriage™ works

    Illustration of aiTriage™ HRV technology


    Our platform only requires a 5-minute ECG recording - with or without a troponin test* - delivering a rapid diagnostic report and risk score within minutes.


    Rapid & accurate

    Triage chest pain patients within 5 minutes. Our innovative AI algorithms deliver accurate results, enabling prompt and accurate decisions that could be life-saving.


    Straightforward interpretation

    The interpretation of results is simple and straightforward. Our platform provides a clear 0-100 risk score paired with a low, medium and high risk label that guides your treatment decisions, helping to take the guesswork out of chest pain triage.

    *aiTriage has been clinically validated to be comparable in accuracy to the HEART score without the need for a troponin test. When a troponin test is added, aiTriage has been shown to be more accurate than the HEART score.

    AI-powered risk stratification

    aiTriage leverages patented AI technology to predict MACE risk accurately and rapidly. This crucial risk stratification aids healthcare professionals in their decision-making process, helping prioritize patients requiring urgent attention and reassuring those at low risk.

    Novel HRV technology

    aiTriage™ uses short electrocardiogram tracings to measure cardiac autonomic regulation, reflecting the interplay between our sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, which is pivotal in determining a patient's risk of a MACE.

    Seamless integration

    Designed for minimal disruption and maximal efficacy, aiTriage™ seamlessly integrates into your existing healthcare workflows, from the busiest emergency departments to remote rural clinics.

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