Why chest pain triage

We're focused on the global challenge of chest pain triage

One of the biggest challenges in today's healthcare is accurately and efficiently managing chest pain, a common but potentially life-threatening condition. aiTriage™ dramatically improves the process with swift, accurate, and non-invasive chest pain triage.

    The problem of chest pain in numbers

    Most common reason for ED visits
    Average cost of chest pain triage in the US
    Non-ACS cases amongst undifferentiated chest pain patients
    Lifetime prevalence of chest pain worldwide
    Deaths annually from CAD in the US
    Visits to ED are due to chest pain

    The predicament in different healthcare settings

    Illustration of a hospital

    Emergency departments

    Chest pain is the second leading reason for ED visits. The non-specific nature of chest pain symptoms often leads to extensive investigations to exclude MACE, straining resources as nearly 83% of these patients could be discharged earlier.

    Illustration of a primary care facility

    Primary care

    GPs refer on average 40% of patients with chest pain, but only 1 out of 5 referred to secondary care suffer from severe disease. A reliable tool suitable for use in primary care is required for outpatient risk assessment, allowing GPs to provide better care for chest pain patients within the primary care setting.

    Illustration of a rural clinic

    Rural clinics

    In rural settings, the availability of sophisticated medical equipment is often limited. Here, a simple, reliable tool for accurate triage is needed to determine whether patient transfer to more equipped facilities is necessary.

    Our approach to improving chest pain triage

    aiTriage is designed to address these challenges, offering a rapid, non-invasive method to triage chest pain patients accurately, reducing the need for extensive investigations and optimizing resource use. Our goal is to make aiTriage a standard clinical pathway, particularly in settings with limited resources. With the ability to identify high-risk patients quickly for timely treatment, we aim to improve patient outcomes while reducing healthcare costs.

    1. Speed and simplicity: Harnessing advanced machine learning algorithms, aiTriage predicts the risk of Major Adverse Cardiac Events (MACE) within minutes. With just a 5-minute ECG recording, our platform provides healthcare professionals a quick, non-invasive way to triage chest pain patients.

    2. Superior accuracy: Our platform surpasses the performance of popular risk scoring tools like HEART, TIMI, and GRACE. By integrating novel heart rate variability (HRV) technology, aiTriage provides highly accurate and efficient patient triage.

    3. Seamless integration: aiTriage™ is designed to integrate seamlessly into any healthcare setting with minimal setup required. From busy emergency departments to remote clinics, aiTriage becomes a valuable addition to existing infrastructure, optimizing chest pain workflows and improving resource utilization.

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